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            Supporting Staff

            Position Supporting Staff
            Location of work Thai-MC Company Limited, 968, 24th-26th Floor, U-Chuliang Foundation Building, Rama 4 Rd., Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
            Group Infrastructure & Logistics Business Group
            Job Scope
            • Documentation support and data input.
            • Monitor and manage daily clerical works.
            • Support other activities as assigned from time to time.
            Job Qualifications
            1. (1)Thai Nationality. Female/Male age between 22-25.
            2. (2)High Vocational in any fields.
            3. (3)2-5 years of experiences in documentations, administration or secretarial jobs.
            4. (4)Good command in English.
            5. (5)Self-discipline, good team player and hard working.
            6. (6)Good computer skills.
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