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            In Thailand, Mitsubishi Company (Thailand) Ltd. and Thai-MC Company Limited operate and work together with more than 90 companies that Mitsubishi Corporation invested in.

            The information of hiring positions

            Mitsubishi Company (Thailand) Ltd. and Thai-MC Company Limited have been handling wide range of products and services in several industries includes Food, Non-Ferrous Metal Products, Consumer Products, Power, Infrastructure, Petroleum, and etc. in both domestic and international markets. Now we are offering the opportunities to join our company in the following positions.

            How to apply

            If you are interested in joining us, please fill in the attached application form and send the documents below to us by post, or you can apply via our e-mail address below.

            1. Application Form (Excel:114KB)
            2. Resume
            3. Transcript
            Contact Information

            Mitsubishi Company (Thailand) Ltd.
            Thai-MC Company Limited

            Address: 968, 24th-26th Floor, U-Chuliang Foundation Building, Rama 4 Rd., Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

            Tel : 02-632-4100 (Ext 2104/2106/2110)
            E-mail : ML.THI-recruit@mitsubishicorp.com

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